LISD PTO Membership and Corporate Partnerships for the 2024-2025 school year are now open!

We're thrilled to have you join our PTO community! Your membership or corporate partnership helps support valuable programs and initiatives that benefit our students and school. It does not require you to volunteer or attend meetings.

Please complete the following information and return this form with your membership fee.

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Cardinal Pride Blanket Fundraiser

Lingleville ISD PTO is selling 50"x60" Cardinal Pride Blankets for $25. Blanket order will be available for pick up at the school. Be sure to include the pick up name for your order. Blanket orders will process in the order received. There are only 125 blankets available.

Order TODAY!

Cardinal Sock Fundraiser

LISD PTO is selling Cardinal Socks for all sizes. These are custom order socks available in all sizes shown in the chart. You will need to find your shoe size and order socks with the Alpha (letter) code shown in the chart. We are offering this design for the Spring of 2024 and other designs to come in the fall. The socks are made from cotton and are extremely soft and comfortable to wear.  They would be good for everyday regular wear and athletics/sports.  The order deadline is Monday, March 4, 2024. We are hoping to have delivery information for the end of March 2024.

Order TODAY!

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LISD PTO Calendar Dates for 23-24

Monthly Meeting – February 22 @ 4:30

Monthly Meeting – March 21 @ 4:30

Monthly Meeting – April 18 @ 4:30

Monthly Meeting – May 16 @ 4:30

Elementary Field Day – May 17

The LISD PTO is striving to benefit Lingleville ISD, students, campus, families, and community.


LISD PTO is always needing volunteers! If you would like to volunteer with LISD PTO please select a button below and register.

PTO Mission Statement

Lingleville ISD PTO is a community of parents, community members, teachers, and support staff who have joined together to support the children and employees of Lingleville ISD. The Lingleville ISD PTO is an organization whose mission is

  • to advance education and the educational environment at Lingleville ISD through volunteerism, involvement, and financial resources to bring campus improvements, educational opportunity and enrichment to the lives of students, campus, family and community.

  • to combat community deterioration and juvenile delinquency by promotion of community and foster pride by encouraging closer connections between the school administration, staff, teachers, students, parents and community.

Why join our mission?

The biggest reason to become involved is for the benefit of your child. Studies consistently show that when parents get actively involved in their children's education, grades go up, test scores go up, children become more likely to pass, children have fewer disciplinary problems, and are less likely to use drugs and alcohol.

The second biggest reason is to provide our hard-working parents and teachers with support. PTO is a great opportunity to learn about the talents and skills that our parents have, to learn how our teachers go above and beyond for our children, and to find parents and teachers who understand not only the difficulties of trying to balance all the aspects of our busy lives, but also the benefits of placing our children in a small school. PTO members are also kept informed on a monthly basis of issues that concern the school and our children.

What are the plans for the PTO?

The PTO plans to take an active role in fundraising include, organization membership – partnership program, grant writing, assisting with the Box Tops for Education Program, operation of the Concession stands at high school football games, hosting the Halloween Carnival, and other efforts raising money for campus improvement, educational opportunity, enrichment of life of students, campus, family and community.

The PTO plans is to expend resources for the advancement of education by investing in Educational Opportunity by provided funding to improve educational opportunity via availability of supplies, resources, and improvement to learning environment.

The PTO plans is to expend resources for the advancement of educational environment by investing in Campus Improvement by providing funding to improve the campus of LISD to include but not limited to classroom libraries, teacher grants, library project and outdoor learning project.

The PTO plans is to expend resources for combating community deterioration and juvenile delinquency by investing in events, informational programs, recognition of accomplishment, public programs, and student safety with all efforts in a unified goal to enrichment of the life of students, campus, family and community.

Lingleville ISD Parent Teacher Organization - PO Box 105, Lingleville, Texas 76461

LISD PTO Bronze, Gold, & Platinum 23-24